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Probation Violation Hearings

Dallas Probation Violation Hearings Attorney

Solid Defense for Those Facing Probation Revocation

Adhering to the terms of your probation can be challenging. Sadly, the Texas criminal justice system takes an aggressive stance on punishing probation violations. Probation violations can result in heavy fines or even being sent back to prison to face your original sentence. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced Dallas probation violation lawyer who has the necessary skills and tools to fight your charges and protect your freedom.

At the Law Offices of Robert Gregg, our goal is to handle all the stress and worry that comes with a criminal case so you don’t have to. We can guide you through the entire legal process and may be able to reduce or even completely dismiss the charges.

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Probation Violation in Texas

In many criminal cases, defendants are able to avoid jail time by agreeing to the terms of probation that are set by the court during their trial. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to keep to the conditions of the probation.

Common examples of probation violations include:

  • Failing to attend a scheduled meeting
  • Failing to attend a scheduled court appearance
  • Failing to pay required court fines
  • Failing to pay required restitution to a victim
  • Failing a drug test
  • Traveling out of the state without obtaining permission from the probation officer
  • Possessing or selling drugs
  • Committing further crimes and being arrested for a new offense
  • Contacting a domestic violence victim

Probation Violation Hearings

If your probation officer alleges that you violated probation, you are subject to arrest. After an arrest for the violation of probation, you are entitled to have a hearing within 21 days. Probation revocation hearings are heard before the court, not a jury.

During the hearing, the prosecution will seek the judge’s approval of a motion to revoke your probation. The court will decide if you violated your probation by a preponderance of the evidence standard, rather than the standard of beyond all reasonable doubt. Under the preponderance standard, the burden of proof is met when the prosecution convinces the court that there is greater than a 50% chance that the claim is true.

If the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that you violated your probation, the court may sentence you to the maximum sentence that could have originally been imposed for your specific offense.

Let Us Help You Fight Your Charges

With so much on the line, you should not have to go through this alone. If your probation officer has issued a warrant for your arrest, we can help you handle your probation revocation hearing correctly. Regardless of whether we were involved during your initial trial where the terms of your probation were set, our Dallas probation violation attorney can help you now.

For solid legal defense for your probation hearing, trust the Law Offices of Robert Gregg. Call us today at (214) 891-7536 to schedule your free consultation.