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Texas Penalties For Ecstasy Possession And Distribution

Legal Consequences of Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a recreational drug that millions use around the globe. Despite its popularity, ecstasy is illegal in most parts of the world – and the United States is no exception. Ecstasy has a variety of names, such as Molly and MDMA. It has dangerous and potentially fatal side effects – as the majority of exhausted emergency-room personnel can attest.

If police arrest you on charges of ecstasy possession or distribution, the consequences can be severe. A Dallas ecstasy lawyer from the Law Offices of Robert Gregg can evaluate your case and discuss potential defense strategies.

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What Is Ecstasy?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes ecstasy as a synthetic drug with psychoactive properties that is increasing in popularity across America, especially among teenagers and young adults who are experiencing the party scene. Texas has always had strict drug laws because of its proximity to Mexico, but law enforcement is taking special measures to restrict the use and distribution of Molly.

In Texas, ecstasy is considered a controlled and dangerous substance. While some states are more lenient on those caught with this drug, Texas imposes harsh penalties on convicted offenders. If a judge finds you guilty, you will likely incur one of the following sentences:

Ecstasy Possession Charges

According to Texas’s Health and Safety Code, there are three main factors that will influence your penalties for ecstasy possession:

  • The amount you possessed, according to weight
  • Whether or not you had intent to sell
  • If this is your first or a subsequent offense

Possession of molly in any amount is a felony. Those in possession of less than 1 gram typically face state felony charges, which involve a maximum fine of $10,000 and a two-year stint in jail, at most. However, if police arrest you with between 1 and 4 grams, you may have to go to prison for two to 10 years and pay a $10,000 fine.

If police catch you with more than 4 grams, you could go to jail for up to two decades. Any amount greater than 400 grams carries a mandatory sentence of five years behind bars and a maximum of 20 years.

Ecstasy Distribution

Manufacturing or distributing MDMA is a drug-trafficking offense that has potentially life-long consequences. If you had more than 4 grams in your possession when police arrested you, the officers can add charges of distribution if they suspect your intent was to sell it. If the judge reaches a guilty verdict of distribution, you may spend the rest of your life in prison and be $10,000 poorer.

Ecstasy Distribution & Possession Defense

Fighting allegations of ecstasy possession or distribution requires a thorough, comprehensive plan for your defense. Texas courts have no qualms about punishing offenders, and your entire future is at risk. We can assess your charges and the prosecution’s case against you to develop a solid defense strategy.

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